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Cielo nocturno con estrellas

AztechSat II

The Aztechsat Constellation project is an initiative whose mission is the geolocation of aquatic mammals with a precision < 250m, through a constellation of four cubesat-type nanosatellites in low Earth orbit 

Cielo nocturno con estrellas


•Review geolocation techniques and tracking of targets of interest with acceptable precision, using labels (tags) independent of technologies based on the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

•Track the full life cycle from animals to data users using an open standard for megafauna tracking using assets on land and space.

Cielo nocturno con estrellas
Cielo nocturno con estrellas
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Cielo nocturno con estrellas

● Satellite mission led by AEM and NASA.

● 5 Universities (UP, UNAM, UPAEP, UNAQ, UPQ).

● 1 constellation of 4 CubeSats to identify movement and position of marine fauna on the coasts of Mexico and the United States 

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